Undergraduate study - 2024 entry
Edinburgh. Extraordinary futures await.

Go abroad

Our exchange programmes let you pursue your studies and immerse yourself in new cultural experiences.

Go abroad

We have been a leader in international student exchanges since our foundation and we offer outstanding opportunities to gain an international experience, with more than 300 destinations available to you worldwide.

Enhance your career prospects

Our exchange programmes will give you transferable skills which will look great on your CV. The experience can offer you:

  • new perspectives on your subject;
  • insights into a foreign culture;
  • international experience through work or study;
  • an international network of friends;
  • exciting travel opportunities; and
  • new skills that could give you an advantage in the job market.

Visit our Go Abroad website to find global study, work and volunteering options.

Go Abroad

A world of choice

We offer in excess of 1,200 exchange opportunities, with more than 300 destinations available to you worldwide.

You don’t need to be a language student or necessarily even know another language to go on exchange - there are opportunities for students in most subject areas to experience the excitement of a year abroad.

Last year more than  400 students studied at one of our international partner universities in countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, the US, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea.

With the support of the European Commission through the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, more than 500 students studied or worked in Europe.

This was either with our Erasmus+ exchange partners or through the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme. In addition, more than 300 students participated in one of our many short-term international programmes worldwide.

Our partners include world-class institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, the Universities of Pennsylvania, Melbourne and Toronto, ETH Zurich, Heidelberg University and the Universities of Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

Whilst you will undoubtedly have a huge amount of fun, you will also be enhancing your academic profile. In a competitive job market what I believe stands out is this kind of experience working and living internationally.

Undergraduate student

How exchanges work

An exchange is possible on most of our programmes. Your destination options depend on what you’re studying, and securing a place can be competitive.

You will usually apply in Year 2 and study abroad during Year 3. Most students go abroad for a full year, but there are some semester-only options available.

Academic credit achieved on exchange may count towards your Edinburgh programme.

You won’t pay tuition fees to your host university and may be eligible for a reduction or waiver of Edinburgh’s tuition fees. More information on tuition fee costs will be available when you apply to go on an exchange. 

You’re responsible for all costs such as travel and housing. Grants and scholarships may be available.

Go abroad: What are my options?

Brexit impacts on future study and work in Europe

It’s a cliché but I really did have the best year of my life out there. I’d sign up for another year away in a heartbeat.

Undergraduate student who spent a year at the Free University of Berlin

Short-term options

We also offer a wide range of short-term opportunities aimed at providing as many students as possible with an international experience.

Please note: these are non-credit bearing options; credit achieved will not count towards your programme. There are a variety of funding options available and a huge range of flexibility and choice to fit around your programme.

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