Information for parents

Student Finance

This page aims to provide you with key information about both costs and financial support for university study.

Tuition fees

Whether or not a student has to pay tuition fees, and how much they pay, depends on a number of factors, and the position differs for students from different parts of the UK, or from within or outside the EU.

For details please see fees and finance.

Bursaries and financial support

The University of Edinburgh aims to recruit the best students regardless of their financial situation, and offers a number of generous bursaries and scholarships. For further details, please see link below.

Living costs

The main costs incurred by students are accommodation, living costs, social life and in some cases transport.

It is not possible for us to say exactly how much a student will need to live on as this depends very much on their lifestyle, and will vary significantly from student to student. However, you may find the following information about typical living costs useful.

The benefits of higher education

Higher education offers students the chance to develop and exploit the talents, intellect and knowledge they acquired at school or college as well as the transferable skills that employers want - problem solving, team working, communication and presentation.

Higher education provides the opportunity to make new friends, to live independently and to experience a whole range of new challenges and opportunities. Research shows that:

  • Graduates have more careers options than non-graduates.
  • Graduates enjoy accelerated promotion prospects.
  • Graduates are less likely to be unemployed than non-graduates.
  • Graduates are likely to earn more than non-graduates.

Recent evidence suggests that Edinburgh's graduates are highly sought after, making Edinburgh an attractive proposition for prospective students.