Undergraduate study - 2025 entry
Edinburgh: Extraordinary futures await.

Subject area: History

Why choose History at the University of Edinburgh?

  • We cover every period of history from the early Middle Ages to the present day and all major geographical regions of the world:

    • Europe
    • Britain and Ireland
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Asia
    • Africa
  • Beyond the University and its own libraries, there are further resources available to you in Edinburgh for historical research. These include:

    • National Library of Scotland
    • National Museum of Scotland
    • National Records of Scotland
  • The University has one of the largest and most diverse history departments in the UK, with more than 50 academic staff at the cutting edge of the discipline.

Study abroad

The university is not only a prestigious institution, but it has such a wide range of societies and exciting opportunities for students.

Jack Recent History and Politics graduate
Jack Recent History and Politics graduate

Introducing History

History enables us to understand how the world has developed and become what it is today. Studying events and issues from the past also affects the way we see the present and future.

At Edinburgh our courses cover a wide range of different periods, from early medieval history to the contemporary world.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of historical themes, including:

  • political history
  • cultural history
  • economic history
  • global history
  • social history
  • gender history
  • intellectual history
  • environmental history

Whichever path you choose, you will deepen your understanding of subject areas that you have studied previously and will have the opportunity to explore something completely new.