Undergraduate study - 2021 entry

Subject area: Art

Why choose Art at the University of Edinburgh?

  • Our staff include a mix of practicing artists, visual-culture theorists and curators, who publish and exhibit nationally and internationally.

  • In Years 1 and 2, you can select option courses from across Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the wider University.

  • You’ll benefit from regular talks from internationally acclaimed visiting artists and speakers.

Study abroad

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with great facilities. I’ve also found that the tutors are incredible and very knowledgeable. The diversity of talent here is great.

Aidan Stephen 4th year BA (Hons) Painting
Aidan Stephen 4th year BA (Hons) Painting

Introducing Art

Our undergraduate programmes provide a scholarly framework for students who wish to develop their art practice. We provide a broad-based environment, with enough rigour and focus to enable you to engage with the challenges of study in intermedia, painting, photography and sculpture, within the context of contemporary art practice.

Our students demonstrate imaginative responses to the world through curiosity and exploration and we prepare them to do this with an educational experience that offers depth, breadth and ambition. Our students are equipped with the talent, knowledge and expertise to lead, rather than simply respond to, innovation in art practice.

We have been at the forefront of introducing option courses, providing you with choices that permit a breadth and depth of subjects. We recognise your desire to immerse yourself in your discipline but believe your learning is enhanced if you are exposed to a wider range of methods and knowledge beyond the confines of the studio.

In Years 1 and 2 your choice of option courses allows you to, in effect, construct a suite of courses that reflect your interests and enhance your main study. There are many permutations available to you but we imagine your choices would include a mix of art and other university courses.

W100 Applications

Please select the UCAS code W100 if you wish to apply for entry into Year 1 in the School of Art, a general year in which you will experience a wide range of options including painting, photography, sculpture and intermedia art. At the end of Year 1 you will be transferred to one of the following specialist programmes within the School of Art: