Undergraduate study - 2022 entry
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Subject area: Chemistry

Why choose Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh?

  • All our chemistry programmes are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and our chemical physics programmes are accredited by both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.

  • You will have the opportunity to take an academic year-long research placement at a university in Asia, Europe or the US or a year-long industrial research placement (if you are studying an MChem or MChemPhys).

  • You will have the opportunity to combine the study of chemistry with a wide range of other disciplines in Years 1 and 2.

Study abroad

I chose straight Chemistry because you get more options on the courses you can choose to do. I was always tempted by medicinal and biological chemistry so I just chose those courses, leaving my options open to switch.

Agnes Tataki MChem Chemistry graduate
Agnes Tataki MChem Chemistry graduate

Introducing Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of atoms, molecules and ions, examining their:

  • physical and chemical properties
  • composition and structure
  • role and uses in every aspect of our lives

Our programmes retain a broad perspective, preparing you for a range of potential careers in chemistry, or science more generally.

All our programmes include practical aspects to develop your analytical, problem-solving and numeracy skills. You will improve your communication and presentation skills through:

  • small-group workshops
  • tutorials
  • presentations

This means you will develop the skills that are attractive to employers in many areas of industry and commerce.


The School of Chemistry has an enthusiastic and committed staff team that provides a supportive learning environment and a flexible approach to study.

All our programmes include:

  • training
  • practice
  • feedback in communication skills
  • team working
  • exposure to the latest technology of scientific information retrieval and organisation

Teaching is carried out in a highly active research environment and we have strong connections with both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Our chemistry courses include extensive experimental work, which is carried out in modern laboratories. The proportion of your time spent at the bench will increase as your programme progresses and will culminate in an extended research project in your final year.

The high quality of research activity in the EaStCHEM research school (rated in the top 4 in the UK in the 2014 Research Assessment Exercise) enables us to offer project work at the cutting edge of the subject across virtually all major areas of chemistry.

Personal tutors

You will have a Personal Tutor throughout your studies - a member of the School of Chemistry teaching staff - to provide you with academic guidance and support.

Personal tutors


All our chemistry programmes are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Our chemical physics programmes are also accredited by both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.