Undergraduate study - 2019 entry

Your personal statement

Your application should demonstrate suitability for, and commitment to, your chosen degree programme.

Photo of landscape Architecture student Monika Kurdziel.

In your personal statement we look for evidence of:

  • commitment, motivation and readiness for higher education
  • suitability for your chosen degree programme
  • a strong interest in your chosen subject area

If you are applying to a professional or vocational degree programme (such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Education), your personal statement should demonstrate a clear understanding of the profession.

You can support this with evidence of appropriate work experience, volunteering or work shadowing, although we do recognise that not all students have equal access to such opportunities.

Your application will also be assessed for skills, qualities and attributes that are recognised as being of particular value. Details of these can be found in the entry requirements section of the UCAS website.

Your reference

We also refer to the information in your reference when assessing your potential.

All applications must include predicted grades for any exams that have not yet been taken. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that this information is provided on the UCAS form.

UCAS guidance on references

Referee guidance for Medicine