Undergraduate study - 2025 entry
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Submitting a complete and accurate application

Before you submit your application, you should make sure that all your information is complete and accurate, and does not contain false or misleading information.

Personal statement

The information provided in your personal statement must be true. If you copy a personal statement from elsewhere, or ask someone else to write this for you, including the use of AI apps such as Chat GPT, you could be committing fraud.

Verifying your application

We will check everything you submit as part of your application and we may request additional information to verify specific details. If we ask you for additional information, it is your responsibility to provide it by the deadline we give you.

We reserve the right to verify certificates, transcripts, test results, and other information from your application with third parties including:

  • other universities
  • test providers
  • schools
  • referees
  • other external services assisting with admissions.

If we suspect fraud, we will put your application on hold while we investigate. If any of the following statements apply, we will reject your application. If we have made an offer, it will be withdrawn.

Reasons for rejection or withdrawal of offers

  • We have reasonable belief that any information you have provided is false or misleading.
  • You have deliberately omitted relevant information.
  • If you do not provide requested information by the specified deadline.

If we have rejected an application or withdrawn an offer for any of the reasons given above, we reserve the right to refuse to consider any further applications from you.

Information from external organisations

If we are informed by an external organisation that a qualification or test you have submitted has been cancelled for malpractice, we will follow our fraud procedures.

If you believe the cancellation of your qualification or test is incorrect, this must be followed up with the awarding organisation directly through their appeals process. However, if your qualification or test result is reinstated after we have withdrawn an offer or rejected your application, it may not be possible for us to reconsider you for a place in the same admissions cycle.

You can find more information about our fraud policy and procedure in our admissions policies.

Admissions policies and procedures