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Recognised Bridging Programmes

Information on the Bridging Programmes we currently recognise and support.

At the University of Edinburgh, we are happy to support the following three “Bridging Programmes”:

You can use one of these programmes to meet the grades listed in our standard or minimum entry requirements. Completion of a bridging programme to the required standard can take the place of one SQA Higher and will be treated as equivalent to a grade B at Higher. Only one bridging programme will be considered on your application, alongside at least three SQA Highers.

Some of our degrees require an SQA Higher in a specific subject. You cannot use any of these bridging programme to take the place of a required subject. For example, if a degree specifically states that you must achieve a grade B in Higher Mathematics, a bridging programme would not be accepted as a replacement for Higher Mathematics.

You can find entry requirements by programme in the Degree Finder:

Degree Finder

Although completion of any of these bridging programmes will not automatically give any extra concessions under our Widening Access offer policy, you may be eligible for concessions under other criteria. You can find full information about the criteria we use in this policy here:

Widening Access Offers

If you have completed any of these bridging programmes, and you are either estranged from your family, or have significant caring responsibilities, you may also be eligible for extra concessions under our Widening Access offer policy. If you think this may apply to you, contact our Widening Participation team directly for further advice.

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