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Getting your IB results: what you need to know

Advice for applicants receiving their International Baccalaureate (IB) results.

IB results are released on 5 July 2024, but they are available to you online a day later, on 6 July 2024. 

If your results are sent to us by UCAS  

When we receive IB results for applicants whose results are sent directly to us by UCAS, we make decisions for candidates holding conditional offers. 

If your results are not sent to us by UCAS  

If you have not already arranged for your results to be sent to the University, information on how to send us your transcript is available on the IB website.   

International Baccalaureate: requesting transcripts and certificates

Your application status

When we receive IB results, we make decisions for candidates holding conditional offers.

You can check the status of your application through the UCAS Hub.  


Don't worry if your application status has not yet been updated. Occasionally it takes slightly longer for us to receive some results. If this is the case, we will email you and advise that you will receive your decision soon and explain if there is anything you need to do. 

Some universities may be able to advise you of the reasons for a pending decision in UCAS Hub. We will not be doing this, but please be assured that we will email you directly if there are any actions you need to take. 

Met your conditions?

If you have met the conditions of your offer - and your IB results are being sent directly to the University by UCAS - your place will be confirmed automatically and you do not need to contact us to confirm your grades.

Didn’t meet your conditions?

If you have not met the conditions of your offer, and we have been unable to confirm your place, you will find information on the UCAS Hub about your options. This may be information about an Insurance place (if applicable) or about Clearing options.


Declining or deferring your place


You may still be able to apply to a programme or course in your area of interest through UCAS Clearing.    

If you are looking to take up a place through Clearing at another University, we recommend finding a vacancy first and then releasing yourself into Clearing.


Have a question?

If you have a query, or need further information on any aspect of our admissions process, please fill out our contact form to help us route your enquiry to the correct department.

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