2021 entry

Provisional results: what you need to know

We understand that for some SQA Higher/Advanced Higher and A Level applicants, your school or college may give you provisional grades for your qualifications in June. We will only be able to confirm places on 10 August after receiving final grades from UCAS.

You do not need to notify us of your grades

Whether your provisional grades do or do not meet your offer, you do not need to let us know. We will let you know our decision on Results Day on 10 August.

We have different guidance, though, depending on whether your provisional results do or do not meet your offer.

If your provisional results meet the conditions of your offer

If you have been given provisional grades by your school or college that meet the conditions of your offer, you do not need to tell us. We will not be able to confirm your place until we receive your final grades from UCAS in August.

You also do not need to contact us directly to find out if your place is confirmed. We will confirm your place through UCAS Track on SQA and A Level Results Day on 10 August.

Getting your results (UCAS website)

What you can do now

We know it is a long wait from now until 10 August, but there are steps you can take now as a conditional offer holder to start preparing for university.

Visit our New Students website to find out what happens next, including how to book accommodation and arrange student finance.

If your provisional results do not meet the conditions of your offer

When we get your final grades from UCAS in August, we will look at what you have achieved and see whether it is possible for us to confirm your place.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to make any decisions on your application based on your provisional grades because we need to have received everyone’s results in August before we can make these judgements.

We will notify you of our decision through UCAS Track on 10 August.

What you can do now

We strongly recommend that you do not take any immediate action, such as withdrawing your application, because you may still be eligible for a place.

Use this time to speak to teachers, careers advisors and universities to research alternative options in case we cannot confirm your place on 10 August.

Plan to appeal your grades? Let us know

All students

If you plan to appeal your grades, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.

Contact us if you are appealing your grades

Successful appeals

If your appeal is successful and your grades increase to meet your conditions, we will do our best to confirm your place, provided we receive this information by 8 September 2021. 

If we receive confirmation of increased grades after this date but before 15 January 2022, we may be able to defer your place to September 2022.

Students in Scotland

You can register your appeal directly with the SQA from 25 June.

Appeals for SQA qualifications 

Students in the rest of the UK

We are waiting on exam boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to publish their appeals information. We will update this section once they do.

Clearing and Adjustment information

We will share our latest information on Clearing or Adjustment on this website. We will be updating this information over the summer.

Clearing and Adjustment information