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Keeping track of your application and receiving our decision.

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Covid-19 update on decision timelines for 2021 entry

When will I hear from you?

While we have been able to make the majority of our decisions by the end of April, we are aware that a small proportion of applicants are still awaiting decisions. This is due to the large volume of applications we have received for entry in September 2021.

Our admissions teams are working as quickly as they can to get decisions out through UCAS. While we know this is an anxious time for applicants, please be assured that all decisions will be made by the UCAS deadline of Thursday 20 May 2021.

Please also remember that this year’s UCAS decision deadline for you to accept your University offer has been pushed back to Thursday 10 June 2021. This is to allow you enough time to make an informed choice about where you study this year.

Delays in decision making

This year’s UCAS application deadline was moved back in recognition of the Covid-19 disruption to schools. This meant our decision-making process started later than in other years.  

Like other Scottish universities, we have also faced a delay in receiving confirmation of the number of Scottish Government funded places we can offer. 

We needed this confirmation to calculate how many places we had for each fee status group (Scotland, Rest of UK and International). 

We have now received this information and our admissions team are working as fast as they can to finalise decisions and send these to UCAS. 


Any delay in receiving an offer from us will NOT affect the way we allocate you University accommodation. 

That's because we’re one of a few universities that don’t allocate on a first come first served basis.  

Instead, we allocate accommodation proportionately. You can find out more on our Accommodation, Catering and Events website.

Accommodation applications: Frequently Asked Questions

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We want to reassure you that we are working to get a decision on your application as soon as possible.

You can follow the Edinburgh Admissions accounts on Twitter and Facebook where we will be sign posting to the latest applicant information and updates found on our website.

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Get in touch

Contact us through our undergraduate enquiry form.

When can I expect to receive a decision?

We aim to let you know our decision on your application as quickly as possible.

Decisions on 2021 entry

We will make all decisions by the UCAS deadline of Thursday 20 May 2021. This is later than other years due to changes to the UCAS deadline and Covid-19 disruption.

Decisions on 2022 entry

If you apply by the October or January deadline, you can expect to receive our decision by the end of March 2022, although many of you will receive our decision earlier than this.


If you have applied for a degree in the following areas, you may be invited to attend an interview before you receive our decision:

  • medicine
  • nursing
  • oral health sciences
  • teacher education
  • veterinary medicine

Conditional and unconditional offers

If we make you an offer before you complete all your qualifications, we will make a conditional offer. The actual conditions of your offer will be based on your predicted grades, the specific subjects you are studying, and what we ask for in our entry requirements.

If you have already met our entry requirements, we may make you an unconditional offer. We do not make early unconditional offers to applicants who haven’t achieved the qualifications and grades we require for entry.  

If you receive an unconditional offer while you are still at school or college, we strongly advise that you continue to study for any qualifications noted on your UCAS application as incomplete. If you decide to make any changes to your studies, we advise you to tell us as this may have a bearing on your preparedness for entry.

Receiving an offer

You can find out if you have been made an offer of a place, by visiting UCAS Track or MyEd.

UCAS Track

UCAS Track allows you to track the progress of your application and will tell you what decisions your chosen universities have made.


MyEd is the University's portal for applicants and students. We use it to communicate with you about your application. 

After you apply, you will receive details of how to log on to MyEd.

If you receive an offer, it is important to check MyEd regularly so that you know what steps you need to take next.

Updating your contact details

Don’t forget to let us know if any of your contact details, especially your email address, have changed. You can update this through MyEd or by contacting us directly to let us know.

Changing your mind

If you change your mind about the degree you have applied for at any point in the admissions process, or if you want to decline an offer you have already accepted, please let us know as soon as you can.

Include your UCAS ID or UUN

If you need to contact us, make sure that you include your UCAS identification number or University of Edinburgh Universal User Name (UUN) in your correspondence.

Undergraduate enquiries

Contact details

If you are unsuccessful

We receive many more applications from well-qualified students than there are places available.

If your application has not been successful, you may also find our feedback for unsuccessful applicants helpful in explaining our decision.

Unsuccessful applicants feedback

We will also provide you with feedback on request. Further information can be found in our admissions feedback, appeals and complaints policy.

Admissions policies and procedures

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