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Summer Short Courses 2022

Come and join us this summer for a day or two (or three!).

Summer short courses

Whether you're looking to be creative or are just curious about a subject, our selection of courses will offer you something to enjoy at the Centre for Open Learning this summer.


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Our colleagues at the Confucius Institute are running some Chinese language courses this summer from 4 July - 5 August. Take a look at their website for more information and to book. 

Visit the Confucius Institute summer short courses website here >


We have some summer language courses running from August - mid September. Check out the info below and book:

French Courses Summer Term

German Courses Summer Term

Italian Courses Summer Term

Spanish Courses Summer Term


Victorian Photography

From its invention in 1839, photography had a huge impact on Victorian society. This course will explore the art, science, products and popularity associated with photography in the Victorian era. 

  • Friday, 22 July (10:00-16:00) One day course

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World Mythologies

Mythology is a key feature of human culture around the globe and one through which key experiences are enshrined. This course focuses on the Graeco-Roman, Egyptian, and Near Eastern mythologies and approaches them from a comparative perspective (in particular Celtic, Germanic, Norse, and North-American myths).

  • Thurs & Fri, 28 & 29 July (10:00-16:00 each day) Two day course

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Introduction to Coastal Drawing and Painting

This course is aimed at those looking to try on-site, plein-air drawings and paintings along the Firth of Forth coastline. Focusing on various locations, this course will allow you to develop a series of drawings and paintings based on the ever-changing environmental conditions and landscape.

  • Wed, Thurs & Fri, 27, 28 & 29 July (10:00-16:00 each day) Three day course

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Street Photography

This digital photography course will take you on a visual journey around Edinburgh, practising how to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.  It will give you an introduction as to how to document people and places, experimenting with shutter speeds, lighting and compositions to discover the potential of Street Photography.

  • Fri & Sat, 29 & 30 July (09:30-16:30 each day) Two day course

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Geology of Fife

The Fife coastline has a rich array of rock types that influenced the locations of harbours and the use of local resources. This short course gives an overview of the history of the formation of the rocks of Fife and takes students on walking excursions to key geological sites.

  • Mon & Tues, 18 & 19 July (10:00-15:30 each day) Two day course

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American Politics

This course explores the current political landscape of the United States. You will learn about key institutions of the political system and the issues that will shape the mid-term election 2022.

  • Wed, Thurs & Fri, 20, 21 & 22 July (10:00-16:00 each day) Three day course

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