Short Courses

Social, Political and Legal Studies

Our short courses in subjects including Law, Politics, Sociology, and International Relations offer an opportunity to engage with issues - such as crime, inequality and war - that affect us on a personal, national and global scale.

Courses marked as (credit) are open to all, however participants will be required to matriculate as a student at the University of Edinburgh as part of the registration process for these courses. Guidance on this process will be provided. Find out more about studying for credit here.

Please note that from September 2017, bookings for non-credit courses will close 8 days before a course start date. Bookings for credit courses will close 15 days before a course start date.

Term 1 Courses (Starting September 2017)


An Introduction to the European Union (Credit) 
Understanding Social Policy (Credit) 


Introducing Social Science (Credit Plus) 

Understanding International Relations (Credit) 

Introduction to Social Anthropology (Credit)
International Human Rights Law

Term 2 Courses (Starting January 2018)


Introducing Sociology (Credit Plus)


Utopianism: Space, Place, and Order (Credit)
An Introduction to Political Theory (Credit)
Scottish Politics
Introduction to Scots Law

Term 3 Courses (Starting April 2018)


The Welfare State in Global Perspective (Credit)
Political Economy and the World of Work (Credit)
Challenges in Statistics (Credit)
Introduction to Social Anthropology (Credit)


For all general enquiries relating to the course, such as places available or location, please contact COL by phoning +44(0)131 650 4400 or emailing

Our Course Organisers can help you with enquiries about the academic content of courses.

Dr Maximilian Jaede

Programmes: Social, Political and Legal Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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