Short Courses

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Our short courses in areas including Existentialism, Cognitive Psychology and Linguistics offer an opportunity to reflect on questions concerning mind, language and meaning.

Courses marked as (credit) are open to everyone. As a credit student, you will matriculate as a student at the University of Edinburgh as part of the registration process for these courses. For more information, please visit the Studying for Credit pages.

Studying for Credit


Booking Deadline

Courses will close for booking 8 days before the course start date. Book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment!


Term 1 Courses (Starting September 2018)


Survey of Ancient Philosophy (Credit) 
An Introduction to Psychology
Hume's Enquiry


Linguistics (Credit) *NEW 20 credit course*
Philosophy (Credit) *NEW 20 credit course*
An Introduction to Philosophy 
Introduction to Linguistics

Term 2 Courses (Starting January 2019)


Contemporary Philosophy
Educational Psychology (Credit)
Moral Philosophy (Credit)


An Introduction to Philosophy
An Introduction to Psychology
Cities of God: Religion and Political Thought
Introduction to English Grammar
Introduction to Linguistics
Medieval Philosophy (Credit)
Memory (Credit)

Term 3 Courses (Starting April 2019)


20th Century British Philosophers (Credit)
Developmental Psychology
Plato's Republic


Psychology of Language (Credit)
Applied Ethics (Credit)
Reason and Passion
Sociolinguistics: Language and Society (Credit)


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Maximilian Jaede

  • Programmes: Social, Political and Legal Sciences; Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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