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Science & Nature Short Courses.

Science & Nature courses

We will be offering some in-person courses, as well as a selection of online courses too. Please note: 

  • Our in-person courses will follow the latest Scottish Government and University of Edinburgh guidance on health and hygiene in teaching spaces. More details will be made available prior to the start of a course.  
  • Our online courses will continue to offer a learning experience for those unable to attend in-person classes. For more information about learning online with us, please see our Learning Remotely FAQs

Courses marked as (credit) are open to everyone. As a credit student, you will matriculate as a student at the University of Edinburgh as part of the registration process for these courses. For more information, please visit the Studying for Credit pages.


In-person courses


Geology of the Lothians


The Seven Hills of Edinburgh (Online + Field Trips)


Forensic Medicine and Science: Obtaining Evidence


Forensic Science and Classic Crime Fiction


Earth Science: An Introduction (Course 1)


Online courses


The Biology of Birds: Seabird Ecology and Conservation (Online)


The Biology of Birds: Evolution, Flight and Migration (Online)


Important Information

For enquiries about the content of the courses in this subject area, please contact Course Organiser, Angus Miller by email:

For all general enquiries, please contact us by email at