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Open Lectures

Everyone’s welcome at our lecture series which celebrates the research, projects, collaborations, events and professional practices of our teaching staff at the Centre for Open Learning.

Open Lecture Series

Our courses are designed and taught by an extraordinary range of talented and dedicated academics, practitioners and professionals. Many enjoy long and distinguished careers whilst others are in the early stages, perhaps in the midst of their Postdoctoral study or working on their first book or exhibition.

Our new Open Lecture series will, for the first time, bring our learning community together to listen and engage with our tutors, as they reveal the story behind their own practices and research, perhaps through a funded project, a commission or continuing professional development.

Filmosophy: film as philosophy

James Mooney  | Tuesday 24 October 2017 | 7pm - 8pm | Free

LG34 Paterson's Land, Holyrood Road

Can film do philosophy? What does it mean for a film to be philosophical? This lecture will examine the claim that we can consider some films to be works of philosophy, and some filmmakers philosophers.

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The Devil and the Holy Water: a documentary film

Diego Malara | Friday 24 November 2017 | 2pm - 3pm | Free

Paterson's Land, Holyrood Road

The struggle of an exorcist with the new demons of Ethiopia and the paradoxes of visual representation Shot in Addis Ababa, ‘The devil and the holy water’ is a short documentary that portrays contemporary forms of exorcism conducted by a priest whose charisma gathers hundreds of people from across Ethiopia and around the world

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