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Through our popular literature courses, you can discover and explore novels, short stories, drama and poetry in many genres and from across the globe.

Courses marked as (credit) are open to everyone. As a credit student, you will matriculate as a student at the University of Edinburgh as part of the registration process for these courses. For more information, please visit the Studying for Credit pages.

Studying for Credit


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Courses will close for booking 8 days before the course start date. Book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment!


An Introduction to Scottish Literature: The Literature of Edinburgh (Credit - 20 weeks)

Angels and Androgynes – Fantastical Beings in Modern Fiction

Modernist Fiction

Term 2 Courses (from January 2020)


Classics of French Literature

Dickens and Balzac – Vive la Différence!

Reading Round *NEW*
The Monthly Poet *NEW*
The Monthly Read

Gender and Sexuality in Literature (Credit) *NEW*

Great Female Detectives (Credit) *NEW*

Manifesting Destinies: Modern American Short Fiction

Shakespeare and Marlowe


Exploring Science Fiction (Credit)

Victorian Gothic

Term 3 Courses (from April 2020)


The Monthly Read

A Mirage Splayed by Light: Latin American Short Stories

American Poetry (Credit)

Fiction of the 1980s (Credit) *NEW*

Rooms of Their Own: Feminist Thought in Literature (Credit)

The Novels of Jane Austen

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? Homer


20th Century Italian Fiction

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