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Which language level am I? 

Our language level titles have changed. If you're unsure of which level is suitable for you, please find more information on language levels here.


Booking is now open for all three terms of our 2017/18 programme. Bookings will close 8 days before each course start date, so book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment! Click on a course title below for more information and to book online.

Term 1 Courses (Starting October 2017)

Dutch Beginners 1 (Mon, 6.30pm) 
Dutch Elementary 1 (Tues, 6.30pm) 
Dutch Intermediate 1 (Wed, 6.30pm) 
Dutch Intermediate 4 (Thurs, 6.30pm) 

Term 2 Courses (Starting January 2018)

Dutch Beginners 2 (Mon, 6.30pm)
Dutch Elementary 2 (Tues, 6.30pm)
Dutch Intermediate 2 (Wed, 6.30pm)

Dutch Intermediate 5 (Thurs, 6.30pm)

Term 3 Courses (Starting April 2018)

Dutch Beginners 3 (Mon, 6.30pm)
Dutch Elementary 3 (Tues, 6.30pm)
Dutch Intermediate 3 (Wed, 6.30pm)
Dutch Intermediate 6 (Thurs, 6.30pm)