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Taking in the major periods and events in World and Scottish history, our History courses offer a chance to examine the past through a variety of approaches.

Courses marked as (credit) are open to everyone. As a credit student, you will matriculate as a student at the University of Edinburgh as part of the registration process for these courses. For more information, please visit the Studying for Credit pages.

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Term 1 Courses (Starting September 2018)


Introduction to Classics (Credit)
Scotland’s Long 19th Century, 1815-1914: Issues, Ideas, Identities 
Scotland: From the Making of the Kingdom to Renaissance Monarchy (Credit) 
The Florentine Renaissance:  A Chronological Assessment (Credit)
Witchcraft and Belief in Scotland, 1563-1736 (Credit)
A History of Edinburgh from Earliest Times to 1914
Victorian Edinburgh
Introduction to Scottish Folklore
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: The Reign of James VI and I (One Day Course - Saturday 10 November 2018)
Introduction to Scottish Genealogy (One Day Course - Saturday 17 November 2018)


African-American History: From Slavery to the White House (Credit) 
The Wars of the Roses: Warfare, Politics and Society in Late Medieval England (Credit)
Introduction to Modern European History (Credit)
Scottish Handwriting 1: 1500-1700

Term 2 Courses (Starting January 2019)


Introduction to Scottish Social History (Credit)
The Life and Times of Mary Queen of Scots
From Peel to Palace: The History, Form and Function of Castles in Scotland
Rome 'Caput Mundi': Curia, Cardinals and Courtesans from 1300 to 1590 (Credit)
Scotland: From Reformation to Revolution, 1560-1690 (Credit)
Auld Enemies: Scotland and England in the Later Middle Ages (Credit) 
From Alexander to Cleopatra
Georgian Scotland
Victorian Scotland
The Geomythography of Scotland
'Ye Jacobites by Name': The History and Songs of the Jacobite Risings (February Start Date)
Scotland and Slavery (February Start Date)
A Day of Scottish Heraldry (One Day Course - Saturday 2 February 2019)
The Company that Broke a Nation: Scotland and the Darien Scheme (One Day Course - Saturday 23 February 2019)
Introduction to Scottish Genealogy (One Day Course - Saturday 9 March 2019)


Women in American History: From Pocahontas to the Presidential Election (Credit)
Empires: from the Achaemenid (6th century BCE) to the British (Credit)
Scottish Handwriting 2: 1500-1700
The Stuarts: The Rise and Fall of a Dynasty (Credit)

Term 3 Courses (Starting April 2019)


“The State as a Work of Art” in Northern Italy, c.1300 – c.1650 (Credit)
A History of the University of Edinburgh
Scottish Windows, Eastern Skies: The Scots and Asia, 1750 -1950
The Paston Letters: A Window on Late Medieval England (May Start Date)
Scotland and Slavery:  A Visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery  (One Day Course - Wednesday 8 May 2019)
Introduction to Using Scottish Documents (One Day Course - Saturday 4 May 2019)
Britain’s Forgotten Revolution: The Glorious Revolution of 1688 (One Day Course - Saturday 11 May 2019)
Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Scotland (One Day Course - Saturday 25 May 2019)


Introduction to Classics (Credit)
Wars and Revolutions: the Making of Britain and the British Empire 1660-1900


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