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We offer a wide variety of daytime and evening art and design short courses. Select a subject area below to view the courses that we have on offer throughout 2019/20.

Term 1 Courses (from Sept 2019)

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Art & Design Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to provide specific information supporting your studies to supplement general Short Courses information.

Student Handbook 2019/20


Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring programme, within the Centre for Open Learning, draws upon the knowledge and expertise of professional practitioners and educators within in Art & Design at the University of Edinburgh.

The programme connects your with a Mentor to allow you the space and time to engage in a focused discussion about your practice through a one-to-one meeting. Choosing to work with a Mentor can reinvigorate an artist, enabling you to navigate any challenges and plan a creative pathway to achieve your goals. No matter what stage you are at, either just starting out in the Arts, a recent graduate or professional artists, we can offer support, tailored to your individual needs.

Mentoring Programme


Important Information

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