Lifelong Learning

Mentoring and Coaching Programmes

The Mentoring and Coaching Programmes, within the Centre for Open Learning, draws upon the knowledge and expertise of professional practitioners and educators within the University of Edinburgh.

Choosing to work with a mentor can be a way to reinvigorate the artist, enabling them to navigate any challenges and plan a creative pathway to achieve their goals. Therefore, no matter what stage you are at, either just starting out in the Arts, a recent graduate or professional artists, we can offer support, tailored to your individual needs.

The programmes allow you to connect with a mentor, either for a one-off meeting or through a series of regular sessions with an artist or designer, allowing you the space and time to engage in a focused discussion about your practice. 

The mentor is a source of knowledge, offering guidance and support, examining areas of your practice, highlighting any strengths or identifying any aspects which should be addressed to develop your creative growth. 

What is mentoring?

What is Mentoring, why would I require it and is it for me?

What is coaching?

What is Coaching, why would I require it and is it for me?

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