Short Courses

Studying for Credit

Information about credit study support.

Exam and Assessment Adjustments

If you have a condition which may disadvantage you during examinations, essay assignments or portfolio assessments, concessions can often be made. This may include being granted extra time, or having a note taker with you.

To qualify for this support, you must have a Learning Profile with the University’s Student Disability Service, and it must be organised in advance of your examination or assessment. Arrange an appointment with the Student Disability Service here

Special Circumstances

If you apply for Special Circumstances for an examination or assessment you've taken, we can provide guidance regarding the associated paperwork.

Detailed information about Special Circumstances - what it is and who’s eligible - can be found here.

You should always discuss Special Circumstances requests with your Personal Tutor first. All English Language Education, Access, and Certificate of Higher Education students have a Personal Tutor. For all other queries about credit study (e.g. submission problems, extension requests and system issues) contact the dedicated credit study team:

You can also visit the credit study website for more information.