Short Courses

Our Services

What Student Support is, and how to request assistance.

We work with other University departments to provide the following:

  • Accessible teaching rooms
  • Personalised building evacuation plans in the event of emergencies
  • Specialist assistance in class (e.g. note taker)
  • Course materials in alternative formats, and in advance of classes
  • Personalised adjustments for examinations
  • Specialised equipment in class (e.g. induction hearing loop)
  • Signposting to qualified professionals (e.g. counselling services)
  • Advice  

Letting Us Know

If you have additional support needs it’s important to tell us in advance, by completing the relevant section on your course application form. You can apply for courses at the Centre for Open Learning online, or in person at the main reception desk in Paterson's Land.

Please note, even if you have taken courses with us in the past, you need to indicate you have support needs each time you enrol (our systems don't detect returning students automatically). It also ensures we capture the most up to date information, in case your circumstances and needs have changed.

Student Disability Service

Some of the support listed above can only be accessed if you have a Learning Profile with the University’s Student Disability Service. You can find out about this service by visiting the Student Disability Service website.

Students studying for credit, or taking more than one course with us, are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the Student Disability Service.


Be assured that any information you provide is confidential. Only staff who need to know about a disclosed condition or support needs are informed (e.g. your course tutor).