Short Courses

Discounts and Help with Fees

You may be entitled to a discount, or there are several sources for help with course fees.

Student Discount

We offer a 33% discount for students on all Short Courses, including Languages.

You must be a full-time matriculated student of The University of Edinburgh or any other local University to be eligible for the discount. University of Edinburgh students can automatically claim the discount by booking a course online and logging in via EASE. Students from other Local Universities must provide their matriculation number and book in-person at our Reception.

University of Edinburgh Staff & Alumni

We offer a 10% discount on all courses for staff and alumni of The University of Edinburgh.

You will qualify for an Alumni discount if you have previously matriculated on and graduated from an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course at the University of Edinburgh. Please see the Alumni website for details on how to obtain Alumni credentials and receive benefits and discounts.

Please note - if you have recently obtained Alumni details from Alumni Services and wish to book with these online and claim the discount online, you will need to enter a different personal email address during the booking process than any email address you have previously used to book Short Courses.

The email address you may have used to book courses online in the past will already be registered as an EASE friend account and therefore the system will not recognise that you are entitled to the discount. Please phone or email COL reception if you have any queries regarding claiming your Alumni discount with COL - +44(0)131 650 4400,

To claim Staff Discount:

Log on to our online booking system using your staff EASE credentials


Present your staff card to the Centre for Open Learning Reception, Paterson's Land, at the time of booking.

To claim Alumni Discount:

Log on to our online booking system using your MyEd Alumni Portal credentials


Present your alumni card to the Centre for Open Learning Reception, Paterson's Land, at the time of booking.


Please note the following: 

  • When you are setting up Alumni Portal Credentials you will need to use a different email address than any email address you may have used to set up an EASE friend account in the past.
  • The discount must be claimed at the time of booking and will not be applied if you book online without using your staff/alumni login details.
  • If you have taken a short course for credit study since graduation, you will need to contact the Centre for Open Learning to book your next short course with the alumni discount.

About EASE   About The Alumni Portal   About the alumni card

Other Discounts

We offer a 33% discount for those whose family's sole income is Department for Work and Pensions benefits* or those in receipt of Pension Credit (offline enrolment only). You may be asked for proof of eligibility at the point of enrolment. If you have any questions regarding eligibility please contact us on or 0131 650 4400.

* Does not include Working Tax Credits.

The Martha Hamilton Trust

The Martha Hamilton Trust was set up by a former student who wanted to ensure financial help was available for students on a low income. The award provides a 33% discount off the full course fee, and if you are eligible, may be combined with other available concessions (potentially giving up to 66% off the full course fee).

Awards are discretionary, valid towards one Short Course per term, and you’ll need to provide evidence of your eligibility at the time of enrolment. You can apply for the Martha Hamilton Trust in person at the Centre for Open Learning reception desk (please remember to bring your evidence with you).

Full details regarding eligibility can be found here:


Part-time Fee Grant (Certificate HE students only)

The Part-time Fee Grant could give you a grant towards your course tuition fees. The level of grant available is linked to the number of credits you study, so you need to choose all your courses for the full academic year in advance.

To qualify for support, you will need to meet the SAAS eligibility criteria on income, courses and qualifications, other funding, course providers and residence.

These include:

  • You must be studying for the 120-credit Certificate of Higher Education.
  • You must be doing between 30 and 119 credits in each year of your course.
  • You must have an individual income of £25,000 a year or less.
  • SAAS cannot give you any part-time fee grant funding if you are already receiving support from another government training scheme. This includes the Individual Learning Account, the Employability Fund and the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme.
  • If you are already getting full-time support from SAAS, then you will not be eligible to apply for the Part-time Fee Grant.

How to apply

For more information, to find out whether you are eligible, and to download an application form, visit the website of the Student Awards Agency For Scotland.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Once you have completed your form, you should arrange to see the Student Guidance Advisor in the Centre for Open Learning. They will check your form, agree your courses and, if necessary, register you for the Certificate of Higher Education.

Notification of Award

Your application will be assessed and if successful you will be sent an award letter by SAAS.