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Top Short Courses to take with a friend.

Valentine’s Day. 

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What are your plans? Romantic getaway? Cosy night in?

Or maybe you think it’s just a lot of overly commercial nonsense. 

Whatever your view, whatever your plans, you can’t really argue that sometimes, things are even better when you do them with someone you love.  

So, this week, in honour of Saint Valentine himself, we’ve rounded up some Short Courses that we think would be great to do with someone else.

Whether it’s your partner, your friend or your mum, why not learn something new together!


A Visual and Sensory Response to the City (Art and Design)

Fall in love with the city of Edinburgh all over again as you let its sights and sounds inspire your creativity.

Through a series of structured, tutor-led exercises, you’ll be introduced to a range of ways to gather visual and sensory information from the city.

On returning to the studio and with the support of your tutor, you’ll use what you have captured to create small pieces of work or proposals for work.  


Spanish (Languages)

Due to its passionate, sensual sound, Spanish often tops the list of the world’s most romantic languages.

That’s one reason to learn. Another, is that it’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Very practical!

Whether you’re a beginner, fluent or somewhere in between, you’ll find a class to suit your level and your needs.


French Cinema (Film, Media and Contemporary Cultures)

There’s much more to French cinema than stereotypes of suave, sensitive, leading men reciting Sarte whilst seducing elegant - a la Brigitte Bardot - goddesses.

Much more.

On this course you’ll survey the historical and artistic development of French cinema, focusing on one film per decade from the 1920s onwards. You’ll learn about its popular stars and innovative directors and consider its trends and stylistic features.  


Biology of Birds – Ecology and Conservation (Science and Nature)

Immerse yourself in the wonderful diversity of bird life.

Through a mixture of lectures, workshops, discussions and group activities, you’ll study how birds interact with each other and the environment and consider how they have evolved to survive in the multitude of habitats across our Earth.

You’ll learn about the threats that birds face, the importance of their habitat and the part you can play!


Life Drawing: Light and Proportion (Art and Design)

Develop your understanding of the human anatomical proportion and the use of light to sculpt body masses.

Observing and drawing directly from the life model, you’ll use materials such as charcoal, conté and ink to explore and give expression to proportion and form.

With the guidance of your tutor, you’ll push your technical skills to develop a series of personal works.


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