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Guidance on how to access events that are being hosted in EventsAir

Logging in to the event

  • You will be sent a link to the OnAir Portal via your confirmation email or reminder emails. You will be able to use this link to sign into the portal when the event opens.  
  • We do not advise using a mobile phone, as the platform may not display correctly and you will likely have issues with watching both live and recorded sessions.
  • When you first sign in to the OnAIR Portal, the Event Setting window displays, where you can update your profile, capture or add a profile photo and review your privacy settings. If you do not wish presenters to know your first or last name for privacy reasons, please edit them at this time. To edit or change these settings during the event, please click on your profile photo at the top right of the screen and select My Settings.
Video: How to utlise EventsAir for PG Open Day
Quick introductory video for those who have not yet logged in to EventsAir to show them what to do upon logging in and how to navigate the Event Platform

Camera and Microphone settings

There is no requirement for you to share your video camera image with us during an event. Some sessions may allow for this feature, if you so choose. EventsAIR will automatically check your microphone and camera upon login. Once an option is selected for each, the icon will turn green.

Event timeline

Once you have reviewed your event settings and closed this window, you will arrive at the Event Timeline. This page acts as the homepage. Here you will find the below features:

  • Full event programme
  • Synchronised timer display showing how many minutes left in the current session, and how many minutes until your next session
  • Links to the live support helpdesk
  • Instant alert messages
  • Links to attendee tools

The programme will display on the left panel. The timeline shows the sessions that you registered for. If you click on any of the sessions showing, you will see session information at the bottom right of the page, giving you information about the speaker and session content. This will also be where you find the link to the live webinar if it is being hosted in Collaborate.

Exhibition Booths

Exhibitor Booths are available for you to watch videos, download PDF resources, and access other useful web resources. Additionally, there may be "live" exhibitor hours, where University staff members are on hand to chat with you live and answer your questions. These times will be highlighted in the Exhibition Information details, provided at each booth.

Most of the live exhibition chat times will be through text chat. However, some exhibitors have the capability to video chat. Since University staff are currently working from home due to the Coronavirus, their ability to video chat will be dependent upon their home technology resources. 

Joining a webinar session

To join a live talk, click 'Preview/Join' within the agenda item bar or within the session information box. If an agenda item displays ‘Preview’ you can enter the session however, the session is not yet live and will display a countdown clock in the top right-hand corner showing how long until the session starts

PLEASE NOTE: "JOIN" will only appear at the session start time

Viewing the session

Some sessions will happen live in the OnAir Portal. For these sessions, when you "Join" the session at the start time, the video stream will start and you can participate from there.

However, the majority of live webinar sessions are being hosted in Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom. 15 minutes prior to a session's formal start time a short "how to join this session" video will begin to play and you will be able to access the "Click here to join" link which is found in the "Session information" box. Once the session has formally commenced you will see an image that explains how to access the session, again by clicking the "Click here to join" button in the Session Information box.

If the session  is being hosted in Zoom, you may need a passcode, which will also be indicated in the Session information box.

We recommend opening the Blackboard session in a new browser tab. You may need to "Pause" the introductory video so that you do  not hear that video when you're in the new Blackboard tab.  

Getting to your next live session

If you have opened a new browser tab to watch a Collaborate session, please close that tab and re-open the browser tab that has the OnAir portal. Click "Back to Timeline" in the top left corner of your screen. Once you are in the Timeline you can join your next session or the Exhibition Booths.

If you were watching a live session in the OnAir portal, simply click "Back to Timeline" in the top left corner of your screen.

Live Support

Our Live Event Support Team is online and available for you during the event. If you need technical assistance, please click on the Live Support icon in the top right of the screen when you are in the OnAir Portal.


Icon images - Licensing information

Images that you see used as icons throughout the EventsAir platform, for instance in your Timeline are provided by Getty Images.

  • Info logo - GettyImages-1195028598 [koksikoks]
  • Exhibition booth - GettyImages-973070136 [BestForLater91]
  • Meeting / Chat at Exhibition Booths - GettyImages-1273276138 [LueratSatichob]-1
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