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Scholarships and loans

Find funding to help cover the cost of your studies.

Postgraduate study can be a significant financial commitment, but you may be surprised by the range of funding sources available.

The University, government agencies, research councils, charitable trusts and external bodies offer a number of scholarships, studentships and loans to help you pursue your ambitions.

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Search for funding opportunities

When to apply

Before you can apply for any form of funding, you must have first applied for a place at the University of Edinburgh

Once you have applied for admission and received your UUN (University User Name) and password, you can apply for scholarships.

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You can also browse our database of scholarships and funding opportunities.

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Online learning scholarships

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

Alumni scholarships

We offer a scholarship in postgraduate degree tuition fees for:

  • alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh
  • students who have previously matriculated on a 'Visiting Programme' as an undergraduate student and completed a minimum of one semester of study at the University of Edinburgh

Tuition fee alumni scholarships

UK government loans

If you live in the UK, you may be able to apply for a postgraduate loan from one of the UK’s governments. The type and amount of financial support you are eligible for will depend on your programme, the duration of your studies, and your residency status. (Programmes studied on a part-time intermittent basis are not eligible.) 

UK government loans and other external funding opportunities

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