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Our students talk about what it is like to be a postgraduate at Edinburgh and the student experience outside of studying.


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Facilities and support

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"When I was not in class I was involved with the Edinburgh University Students' Association in my capacity of postgraduate representative. So, that means that I would represent the entire postgraduate community. I would go to meetings, companies, work with the Edinburgh University Students' Association, but also with the actual University, with staff members. I would also listen a lot to other students to basically know what could be improved or could be better for them."


"I do a lot of outreach, which basically means that I do a lot of events either connected to the Edinburgh Science Festival or to going to schools in and around Edinburgh and the whole of the central belt. And sometimes we even get the chance to go to more exotic places: I’ve recently been to Plockton, which is a small village close to the Isle of Skye, where we delivered a ‘Particle Physics for Scottish Schools’ exhibition. We had schools coming from all over the Highlands."


"I have found myself being able to think about really important stuff everywhere, you know? I can be walking in Portobello or climbing Arthur’s Seat or walking on Nicholson Street (it’s a busy street) and it has a different rhythm as a city. I think all those factors are really key as learning environments I would say. I mean I have found myself writing parts of my dissertation for example in the Royal Botanical Gardens or when I went to the National Portrait Gallery. I just feel like everywhere is a place where you can actually be productive academic-wise. So, I would say it’s this whole structure that works, at least works for me, to be able to think and to produce knowledge that is the whole idea of PhD at the end of it."