Postgraduate study

Global impact

Jessica, from Peru, has used her time at Edinburgh to further her ambitions to make a global impact.

Research training

Photo of Jessica Perez Santivanez

I wanted to improve the quality of life of patients, so I chose Edinburgh for its extensive disease-related research.

The programme enabled me to become better trained for a career in research and gave me the confidence to apply for PhD study.

Volunteering experience

I’ve not only secured a PhD position at the University of Cambridge, but also the prestigious Gates Scholarship. I was really surprised to get the scholarship because it’s very competitive.

To be successful you have to show academic excellence, leadership skills and that you are willing to help others, but I have loads of volunteering experience, which helped a lot.

Global awareness

Because the scholarship funds you for three years, you have a commitment to change or impact the lives of others.

I can do that through my research but I want to go beyond that. Edinburgh has made me aware of so many global issues and how you can get involved.

I think this university has not only prepared me academically and scientifically, but has helped me to develop as a person. I’ve pursued passions outside neuroscience and have been involved in activities and discussions regarding global issues.

I feel that coming to the University of Edinburgh was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: it’s had such a positive impact on my life.

Jessica Perez SantivanezMSc by Research Integrative Neuroscience

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