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Choosing Edinburgh

Our postgraduate students talk about why they chose to study at Edinburgh.


Why choose Edinburgh?

Discover more great reasons to choose the University of Edinburgh for postgraduate study.

Why choose Edinburgh?

Video transcript 

"I remember going online and seeing that Edinburgh was this UNESCO city of literature and I was so excited about it because I’m really passionate about literature. I was looking for a place where I could learn something new and challenge myself. For example, studying stats in English was quite a challenge."
"After finishing my undergraduate I started researching top universities and, of course, the department of Psychology here at the University of Edinburgh is really good with memory."

"I believe the thing that I really appreciate in Edinburgh and is fairly unique is the strong interconnectedness of different disciplines and different research areas; particularly in a field like mine, Innovation Studies, where I can tap into the wealth of expertise in the Business School, in the School of Social and Political Science where I’m based, and even in Engineering and other schools across the University. And the fact that we’ve got very good links across the University really, really helps. So, you really get to work in a very, very interconnected community."


"This notion of community. Like if you have an idea you go online, you can try to find people working on the same kind of idea you are working on and you can write to them and you can meet them for coffee and you can end up doing something about it. You know, you are not this individual doing your own research, doing it all alone. But I have always found people able to contribute to my research or able to discuss or bring ideas."


"I saw that this School is well renowned for research and is recognised in the UK and also in the world. I felt I wanted to learn more and I had this aspiration of becoming a very renowned scholar."


"Once I was done with my two Bachelors I was still unsatisfied. I needed more knowledge, more time at the university. I was not done with university; it was just something I felt. I had certain research interests so talking about the global world but also in a medieval setting - still in History of Art - and there aren’t many degrees like that in the UK, around here, so it’s basically the only degree I found that could fit my research interests. So, I just applied and I got in, and I’m having a great time."


"I fell in love with the city, I really found myself here - like I fit here - and I enjoy very, very much the whole academic environment. I feel like I can be like this mixed researcher, practitioner, and academic here. So, that’s why I ended up staying."