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The University’s Careers Service helped jewellery designer Rhona, from Scotland, win a place on the shortlist for a business start-up grant.

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Gaining professional practice

I want to have my own jewellery business, so I took part in exhibitions and sold work alongside studying for my masters.

Edinburgh College of Art really encourages people to enter competitions and exhibitions as part of the professional practice side of the programme, which is basically about running your work as though you’re already running a business.

Finding business support

Giving thought to what I would do after graduating, I went to see Maureen McIntyre in the Careers Service, who has worked with arts careers for a few years.

It was nice to have someone to run through ideas and with her support I applied for the Deutsche Bank Award, which is a £10,000 business start-up grant, and I got shortlisted.

I applied to set up my own workshop, where I can run my own business. I’m really glad I did it because I’ve never had to do a full budget before.

It was challenging but I now have a business plan I can use to formalise what I really want to achieve with my idea.

Rhona McCallumMA Jewellery and Silversmithing

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