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Advancing Nursing Practice MSc, PgCert, PgDip online Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev Applied Psychology (Healthcare) For Children & Young People MSc online Children & Young People’s Mental Health & Psychological Practice (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert online Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) MSc, PgProfDev online Clinical Trials (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev Developmental Cognitive Science MSc online Family Medicine (Online Learning) MFM Geographical Information Science MSc online Global Challenges (Online Learning) MSc online Global eHealth (Online Learning) PgCert, PgProfDev online Global Health & Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev online Global Health Challenges (Online Learning) PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgProfDev online Global Health Policy (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip online Global Health Studies (Online Learning) PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev Health Policy MSc online Law (Online Learning) LLM online Law (Online Learning) PgCert Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation & Governance MSc online Medical Law & Ethics (Online Learning) LLM online Patient Safety & Clinical Human Factors (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip Physical Activity for Health MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip Psychological Therapies MSc Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion) MSc Psychotherapy and Counselling DPsychotherapy Public Health MPH Public Policy MPP Science & Technology in Society MSc online Social Justice & Community Action (Online Learning) Under review

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