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Accounting PhD Accounting and Finance MSc Acoustics and Music Technology MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc online Advanced Clinical Practice (Online Learning) PgProfDev Advanced Design Informatics MSc Advanced Nursing MSc Advanced Power Engineering MSc Advanced Social Work Studies (Mental Health Officer Award) PgCert Advanced Sustainable Design MSc Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc Africa and International Development MSc African Studies PhD Agriculture and Food Security PhD Algebra PhD American History MSc Analysis PhD Analytical Chemistry MSc Anatomical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences) PhD online Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) PgProfDev Ancient History MSc online Ancient Worlds (Archaeology and Classics) (Online Learning) MSc Animal Biosciences MSc Animal Breeding and Genetics MSc, PgDip Applied and Computational Mathematics PhD Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare MSc online Applied Conservation Genetics with Wildlife Forensics (Online Learning) PgProfDev Applied Environmental Hydrogeology MSc Applied Linguistics MSc, Diploma, Certificate online Applied Medical Image Analysis (Online Learning) PgProfDev online Applied Poultry Science (Online Learning) PgProfDev Applied Psychology (Healthcare) For Children and Young People MSc Archaeology MSc Archaeology PhD Archaeology MScR Architectural and Urban Design MSc Architectural Conservation MSc Architectural History PhD, MPhil Architectural History and Theory MSc Architecture PhD, MPhil Architecture MScR Architecture by Design PhD Architecture, Master of (ARB/RIBA Part 2) MArch Art PhD, MPhil Artificial Intelligence MSc Astrophysics PhD Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences PhD


Cancer (Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre) PhD, MScR online Carbon Innovation (Online Learning) PgCert Carbon Management MSc online Carbon Management (Online Learning) MSc Cardiovascular Biology MScR Cardiovascular Science PhD, MScR Cell Biology PhD Celtic Studies MScR Celtic Studies and Scottish Studies PhD Chemistry PhD, MScR Child Life and Health PhD Chinese MScR Chinese PhD Classical Art and Archaeology MSc Classics MSc Classics PhD Classics MScR Climate Change Finance and Investment MSc online Climate Change Management (Online Learning) PgCert Clinical Anatomy MSc Clinical and Health Psychology PhD, MScR online Clinical Animal Behaviour (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert Clinical Brain Sciences PhD Clinical Education PhD online Clinical Education (Online Learning) PgProfDev online Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) PgProfDev online Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) PgProfDev online Clinical Ophthalmology (Online Learning) ChM Clinical Psychology DClinPsychol online Clinical Trials (Online Learning) PgProfDev Clinical Veterinary Sciences PhD, MScR Cognitive Science MSc Collections and Curating Practices MScR Commercial Law LLM Comparative and European Private Law LLM Comparative Literature MSc Comparative Literature PhD Comparative Public Policy MSc Computational Applied Mathematics MSc Computational Mathematical Finance MSc Computer Science MSc Condensed Matter PhD online Conservation Medicine (Online Learning) PgProfDev Contemporary Art Practice MA Contemporary Art Theory MA Contemporary History MSc Corporate Law LLM Counselling MCouns, PgCert, PgDip Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue) MCouns Counselling Studies MSc Counselling Studies PhD, MScR Counselling Studies MScR Creative Music Practice PhD Creative Writing MSc Creative Writing PhD Criminal Law and Criminal Justice LLM Criminology and Criminal Justice MSc online Critical Care (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert Cultural Studies PhD Cultural Studies MScR Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust MSc, PgDip Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust PhD


Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management MSc East Asian Relations MSc East Asian Studies PhD Ecological Economics MSc Economic and Social History MScR Economic and Social History PhD Economics PhD Economics / Economics (Econometrics) / Economics (Finance) MSc Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) PhD Education MSc Education PhD Education MScR Education and Sport MScR Electrical Power Engineering MSc Electronics MSc Endodontology DClinDent Energy Systems MScR Energy, Society and Sustainability MSc Engineering PhD, MPhil English Language MSc, Certificate, Diploma English Language MScR English Literature PhD English Literature I MScR English Literature II MScR English Literature: Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present MSc English Literature: Literature and Society: Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian MSc English Literature: Postcolonial Literature MScR English Literature: Scottish Literature MScR Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc Environment and Development MSc Environment, Culture and Society MSc Environmental Protection and Management MSc Environmental Sustainability MSc online Epidemiology (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert online Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Robotics and Autonomous Systems PhD online Equine Science (Online Learning) PgProfDev Ethics and Practical Theology PhD, MPhil European Archaeology MSc European Law LLM European Masters in Landscape Architecture European Masters European Theatre PhD Evolution of Language and Cognition MSc, Diploma, Certificate Evolutionary Biology PhD Evolutionary Genetics MSc, PgDip Executive Master of Business Administration MBA


Illustration MA online Imaging (Online Learning) PgProfDev Immunology and Infection Research PhD Inclusive Education MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgDip Infection and Immunity PhD, MScR Infection Medicine PhD Infectious Diseases MScR Inflammation PhD, MScR Informatics MSc Informatics: AIAI: Foundations and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Automated Reasoning, Agents, Data Intensive Research PhD, MPhil, MScR Informatics: ANC: Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Computational Biology PhD, MPhil, MScR Informatics: ICSA: Computer Architecture, Compilation and System Software, Networks and Communication PhD, MPhil, MScR Informatics: ILCC: Language Processing, Speech Technology, Information Retrieval, Cognition PhD, MPhil, MScR Informatics: IPAB: Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Animation PhD, MPhil, MScR Informatics: LFCS: Theory and Foundations of Computer Science, Databases, Software and Systems Modelling PhD, MPhil, MScR online Information Technology Law (Online Learning) LLM Infrastructure and the Environment MScR Innovation, Technology and the Law LLM online Innovation, Technology and the Law (Online Learning) LLM online Integrated Global Health (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS) MScR Integrated Studies in Medical Sciences with Engagement PhD Integrated Study in Advanced Care PhD Integrative Biomedical Sciences (Based in China) PhD Integrative Biomedical Sciences (Based in China) MScR Integrative Physiology (Biomedical Sciences - Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) PhD, MScR Intellectual History MSc Intellectual Property Law LLM online Intellectual Property Law (Online Learning) LLM Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design MA Intermediality: Literature, Film and the Arts in Dialogue MSc online Internal Medicine (Online Learning) PgProfDev International and European Politics MSc online International Animal Health (Online Learning) PgProfDev online International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law (Online Learning) PgProfDev International Banking Law and Finance LLM International Business and Emerging Markets MSc online International Commercial Law and Practice (Online Learning) LLM International Development MSc International Development PhD online International Development (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip International Economic Law LLM International Human Resource Management MSc International Law LLM International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering MSc International Political Theory MSc International Relations MSc International Relations of the Middle East MSc Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations MSc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies MSc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) MScR Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) PhD Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations PhD, MPhil Italian MScR Italian PhD


Scandinavian Studies MScR Scandinavian Studies PhD Science and Religion PhD, MPhil Science and Religion MSc Science and Technology in Society MSc Science and Technology Studies PhD, MScR Science Communication PhD Science Communication and Public Engagement MSc online Science Communication and Public Engagement (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip, PgCert Scottish Ethnology MScR Scottish History PhD Scottish History MSc Scottish History MScR Sensor and Imaging Systems MSc Signal Processing and Communications MSc Social and Political Science MScR Social and Political Science PhD Social Anthropology MSc Social Anthropology PhD online Social Justice and Community Action (Online Learning) PgDip (ICL) Social Policy PhD Social Research MSc, PgCert Social Work PhD Social Work, Master of MSW Socio-cultural Studies PhD Sociology PhD Sociology and Global Change MSc Soils and Sustainability MSc Sound Design MSc Sound Design MScR South Asian Studies PhD Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies (Hispanic Studies) MScR Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies (Hispanic Studies) PhD Speech and Language Processing MSc Sport Policy, Management and International Development MSc Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences PhD Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences MScR Statistics PhD Statistics and Operational Research MSc Statistics with Data Science MSc Stem Cell Research PhD online Stem Cells and Translational Neurology (Online Learning) PgProfDev Strength and Conditioning MSc, PgDip Structural and Fire Safety Engineering MSc Surgery PhD, MScR online Surgical Sciences (Online Learning) MSc Sustainable Energy Systems MSc Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology MSc, PgDip Systematic Theology PhD, MPhil Systems and Synthetic Biology MSc, PgDip

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