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Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage (#CCSMOOC)

Explore the technology that can provide a long-term solution to protect our atmosphere from an excess of carbon dioxide, in the context of global energy, our use of fossil fuels, and climate change.

The atmosphere is a shared resource and the amount of greenhouse gases it can absorb is a finite resource. This introductory course to the technology of Carbon Capture and Storage is designed for a wider audience with an interest in energy, sustainability and climate change. 

The aim of Carbon Capture and Storage is to achieve Deep reductions in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere Unlock carbon negative solutions to achieve a neutral carbon balance to the atmosphere in the 21st century

The course is taught by a team of leading academics at the University of Edinburgh with decades of experience in this field. It aims to bridge the gap between the forefront of the latest developments in science, engineering, geology, policy and economics, and the wider public. 


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Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage

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