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Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum (#edindyref)

Understand the Scottish independence poll, and the pros and cons of a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote, with The University of Edinburgh.

Whether you’re wondering how to vote in the Scottish referendum on 18 September or would simply like to know how the outcome could affect the UK and Europe beyond, this free online course from The University of Edinburgh will help.

Beginning three weeks before voting day, it’ll enable you to join the debate as it happens. You’ll get to engage critically and constructively with the arguments of both sides and other learners, and benefit from the input of leading academics.

Each week there’ll be a live-streamed Question Hour with a panel of experts, as well as video explanations of key issues, interactive debates and role play exercises. We’ll also be conducting regular opinion polls, to see whether you and other learners change your minds.

This course is run by Dr Alan Convery.

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