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Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative (#COOPsx)

Could a cooperative market economy, in which firms are owned and controlled by their workers, be a viable and efficient alternative to capitalism?

The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Unversity of St Andrews and the James Hutton Institute, have created this MOOC that would encourage learning about basic economics of firms owned or controlled by their workers, issues relating to the long-term viability of cooperatives and policies to promote a cooperative sector in a market economy, among others.

There is widespread interest around the world in cooperatives as an alternative to the capitalist corporation, particularly since the financial crash of 2008. Economics and other social sciences can focus and sharpen the debate on cooperatives. Having taken the course, learners will be better placed to participate in public discussion on cooperatives, or to join a cooperative or even start a new one.

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Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative

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