Mature students


Where to get advice on student finance to find out what you may be eligible for.

Understanding the often complex inner workings of student finance is not essential; but it is important to know where to get advice when it comes to what you may be eligible for.

A good way to consider how funding works is to break it into two separate parts; tuition fees and living costs.

It is important to submit any application for funding as soon as is possible in order to have all issues dealt with before you matriculate as a student.

What support is available for me?

The support you will receive will be dependent on a range of different circumstances including you financial circumstances and where you currently live. We have created a number of pages that may be of some help in explaining both tuition fee support and living cost support. In addition to support from Government funding bodies like the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) or Student Finance England, the University also provide support for students.