International applicants


In Edinburgh, we have a range of shops that sell all the things you will need while you are here, such as food, clothes, and items for your home.

You may find different shops and brands in the UK than those you are used to.


There are many clothes shops in the city centre that will suit a variety of budgets. These can be found around Princes Street and George Street.

Cheaper clothes can be bought in shops like Primark or New Look. You'll find more expensive clothes in shops like House of Fraser or Jenners.

There are also shopping centres in and around Edinburgh,  that can be reached by car or public transport:

For your home

Household items like bed sheets, blankets, furniture or towels are easy to find and can be affordable.

Many city centre shops like Argos, Primark and Poundstretcher offer cheaper items for the home. Alternatively IKEA is just outside of the city and can be reached by car or public transport.

Stationery and books

You can buy stationery and textbooks on campus and around the city.

EUSA shops offer basic stationery supplies. There are a number of EUSA shops around the University campus.

You can buy your textbooks at bookshops like Waterstones and Blackwell’s. Buying online can sometimes be cheaper than buying from shops, on websites like Amazon or Book Depository. Buying second hand textbooks can also be cheaper. Check noticeboards in your school and your student email to look out for information about second hand book sales.

Charity shops

Charity shops sell secondhand items which people have donated. You can buy a wide range of items in charity shops, from clothes and home items to books and furniture.

Most items in charity shops are good quality and cheap, and the profits go toward the charity.


You can buy food from supermarkets and local shops. You may be able to find foods and produce from your country or that you are familiar with.

The main supermarkets in the UK include Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi. You can check products and prices on their websites.

There are many smaller shops that sell food from the local area or from around the world.

South East Asian and Chinese supermarkets

38 West Crosscauseway, EH8 9JP
Hing Sing
310 Leith Walk, EH6 5BU
Hua Xing
48 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1ST

Indian supermarkets

Janatha Food Store
34-36 Montrose Terrace, Abbeyhill, EH7 5DL

Middle Eastern Supermarkets

Al Medina
10 Nicolson Square, EH8 9BH
Bismillah Foodstore
3 Nicholson Square, EH8 9BH
36 Potterrow, EH8 9BT
Red Sea Food Store
35 Marshall Street, EH8 9BJ

European and American supermarkets

Lupe Pintos (Mexican)
24 Leven Street, EH3 9LJ
Made in France
5 Lochrin Place, EH3 9QX
Salut le Petit Marche
18 Teviot Place, EH1 2RB
Valvona & Crolla
19 Elm Row, EH7 4AA

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