International applicants

Proofreading service

Peer Proofreading is a volunteer-powered scheme for non-native English speakers, run by Edinburgh University Students’ Association.

About the service

Volunteer proofreaders will only comment on the vocabulary, grammar and general clarity of your written English. They will not advise on subject matter or argumentation.

Use the Peer Proofreading service

You can submit an assignment for proofreading by a trained student volunteer via the Students' Association's website.

Remember: you must submit at least 7 days before your deadline.

EUSA Peer Proofreading

Proofreading support for students with disabilities

The Student Disability Service can provide proofreaders for students who are formally assessed as requiring this service under the Dyslexia Act 2010.

Students with dyslexia are most likely to be entitled to more ongoing proofreading assistance.