International applicants

Visiting and exchange requirements

All visiting students, whether postgraduate or undergraduate, are expected to meet the University’s requirement for English language competence.

English requirements can vary depending on the programme.

The English requirements for the most common qualifications we accept will be included in the programme entry on the Degree Finder.

Undergraduate degree finder

Visiting research students

Visiting research students are also expected to meet English language entry requirements.

However, short-term visiting research students who will attend the University of Edinburgh for no more than 12 weeks, who will not be enrolled on a credit-bearing course, and who do not require a Tier 4 visa, are not required to meet published English language requirements.

The relevant academic School will ensure that applicants have sufficient English to meet any health and safety requirements, and that they will benefit fully from their Edinburgh experience.

Study Abroad and Exchange

We have five programmes for study abroad or exchange at Edinburgh.

Full details of the English requirements are available on the Study Abroad website.

Study Abroad - entry requirements