International applicants

Test of English at Matriculation

The Test of English at Matriculation (TEAM) tells us whether students would benefit from free English classes.

TEAM is not used to decide whether or not to accept you at the University.

TEAM is used to assess whether you may benefit from the English courses offered, free of charge, to non-native speakers on programmes at Edinburgh.

Who takes the test?

Only students with an unconditional place can take TEAM.

Students who are registered for online distance learning programmes at Edinburgh are not required to take the TEAM test.

You must take TEAM
If the English test score you present for acceptance at the University is below 7.0 IELTS or 100 TOEFL iBT, then you must take TEAM as part of your matriculation.
You should take TEAM
If you score 7.0 IELTS or 100 TOEFL iBT or more you will not be required to take TEAM, but we strongly recommend you do so, to see whether you qualify for a place in our English classes.

Taking the test

If you are registered for a programme (other than online distance learning), you will receive instructions about TEAM from your college office.

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