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Access for Refugees

To improve access and information for refugee students and scholars, the University of Edinburgh is launching a Refugee Advisory Service.

The University of Edinburgh continues to be actively involved in supporting talented scholars and academics seeking sanctuary in the UK. 

They seek to progress their education, fulfil their potential and make contributions to our community and society that they are so eager and able to give.

We recognise the very important contribution that we can make by harnessing the human resources, skills and energy of forcibly displaced staff and students and deliver benefit to both home and host nations by improving their access to work and study within higher education.

One of the key areas of immediate need, as identified by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, is transition support. 

Refugee Advisory Service

The Refugee Advisory Service is run by Edinburgh Global.

They offer coordinated advice and assistance to prospective students and staff with refugee status (and protected status/asylum).

The service provides support through liaison and referral to specialist advice services on:

  • Immigration
  • English language tuition
  • Finance and scholarships
  • Admissions
  • Counselling support

The service works with local, national and international agencies and organisations, including the Council for At-Risk Academics and the Institute of International Education’s Syria Higher Education in Crisis Consortium. Edinburgh is an active member of each organisation.

For further information on the Refugee Advisory Service please contact: