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Returning students enquiry

Contact the University with a question about returning to your studies at Edinburgh.

If you have a question about studying with us during the Covid-19 pandemic, we can direct your enquiry to the right people.

Note: this form will no longer be used from 1st July, and from that date, students should contact EdHelp.

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The Universal Username (UUN) is the name of the computer account which is automatically generated for you when you join University of Edinburgh. It is the username you will use to log on to most of the computers within the University, and to access web services.
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We will use the information you provide to answer your query and by submitting this form you give us your consent to do so. Your information will be shared with the relevant University departments required to assist with your query, but will not be shared with any third party unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

The University may hold the personal data you provide until the end of the following admissions cycle. We will also use the provided information to monitor the types of enquiries we receive as it is in our legitimate interest to do so.

If you have any questions, please see Communications and Marketing pages.

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