Vision and objectives

Our vision and objectives

We define the student experience as the totality of a student’s interaction with the institution.

Temple et al, 2014

Our vision is to create the opportunities for our students to have an exceptional and distinctive experience which prepares them for life beyond their studies and which is the beginning of a positive lifelong relationship with the University of Edinburgh.

To help support the realisation of this vision the University Executive has provided investment for a multi-strand programme of work to enhance the student experience at the University of Edinburgh and underpin the evolution of a community where students feel valued and our staff feel energised by their work with and for students. 


To achieve this, a group of senior academic and professional services leaders and student representatives worked together to develop a theory of change and an associated logic model. As a result, the following theory of change was set out to support our goals of:

  • Education (in form of the curriculum) that is inspiring, challenging, and inspirational leads to knowledgeable, skilled students

  • Excellent teaching creates excellent outcomes for students

  • Access to excellent student support makes students feel supported and foster a sense of belonging

  • Providing both welcoming and friendly student- facing services from the first point of contact with University will improve the student experience

  • Having high quality, fit for purpose learning spaces and resources; and timely, sustainable transport will support students’ learning and development

  • Providing students with regular opportunities to provide feedback on their experiences and getting a response to their feedback will make students feel that their voice is respected and listened to

  • Students that feel part of a strong academic community of staff and students and the City of Edinburgh have a better student experience

  • All processes such as timetabling and marking need to run smoothly to ensure all other changes are achieved                                                                                                                                                                                           

Our vision will be met through the successful implementation of various projects within the Student Experience Action Plan which will lead to recognisable and measureable improvements in the overall student experience.