New Students

Check your timetable

Make sure you know what courses you're doing, when your classes and lectures are, and how to find them

Accessing your timetable

You can access your personalised timetable through MyEd Timetabling channel. ‘Timetabling’ can be found in the menu of ‘Studies’ tab or on your left side dashboard. Choose ‘Web Timetables’ in the channel options for My Timetable access.

My Timetable page on the Student Administration website

If you are studying Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or a course in the Art and Design department of the Edinburgh College of Art, you will use different software to view your timetable and your school will be able to provide information on this. 


Monitoring your timetable

Frequently checking your University course timetable is necessary to keep up to date with the locations and times of your classes and lectures. You will likely have lectures and classes at similar times and places each week, but this could change over the semester. 

The administrator of any course you take should inform you via email of any last minute changes, but it is your responsibility to pay attention to your timetable. 


The academic calendar

The University Semester Dates website has information on the general academic calendar for the year, including holiday and exam periods.  

Academic Year 17/18 page on the University Semester Dates website

Specific information on exam timetables (also known as 'diets') will be released midway through each semester. The University has two main exam diets: one following Semester 1 in December and another following Semester 2 from the end of April to the end of May. Students may still be scheduled exams outside of these times, and not all students will have exams during the main exam diets. Further information on the University exam diets can be found on the University Student Administration website. 

Diets and Timetables page of the University Student Administration website


Timetable clashes

In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to change assigned classes (e.g. tutorial group) if there is a legitimate reason that the timing isn't suitable, such as a conflict with another University course.



Building your own timetable

Information on choosing courses