New Students

Top 5 tasks

Five tasks to prioritise as you prepare to join the University

This section lists the five most urgent tasks to accomplish as you join the University. This information is also available on page 5 of the University Essential Getting Started Guide 2017/2018.


Activate your University email account

Office 365 Email and Calendar logo
Setting up your University email account should be one of the first things you do as a new student

Registration and matriculation

Photo of two students walking up stairs
Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University of Edinburgh

Get your student card

University Card
You must apply for a student card as part of registering as a student at the University

Pay your fees

Stack of British pounds and note
Payment of tuition fees should be arranged as soon as is possible, whether self-funded or via a sponsor, grant or loan

Check your timetable

Image of pharmacology student timetable for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Make sure you know what courses you're doing, when your classes and lectures are, and how to find them