New Students

Student Support Services

Information about the University services available and relevant to new students

The support the University provides for students goes far beyond academia. Learning and education has to happen alongside everything else in a student's life, and the University recognises that providing support for all aspects of a student's life can make for a better and more productive University experience.

The University Students website provides lots of information about specific services available to students at the University, including a 'Here to Help' guide.
However, on this page we have highlghted some University student services which may be of particular relevance to new students. 

Student support 

The Advice Place

The Advice Place is a service within the Edinburgh University Student's Association, and it provides advice to students on everything from getting grades appealed, to dealing with landlord issues, to dealing with personal issues. The Advice Place is equipped to answer questions on any area mentioned on this webpage, or at least to point you in the right direction for further information.
  • The Advice Place has a very informative website as part of the larger Edinburgh University Student's Association website. 
  • The Advice Place also has two drop-in clinics: one in Potterrow on the Central area campus and another in King's Building House in the King's Buildings campus. These are open during the week during term-time. Futher information on opening hours and location is available on their website. 
In addition to this, The Advice Place are available to contact via email at or, or by freephone on 0800 206 2341.

Edinburgh University Students' Association

Edinburgh University Students' Association aims to make every student's experience the best it can be through their student-focused facilities across campus, by holding events throughout the year, organising student representation and  providing helpful support and guidance, such a The Advice Place.  



Academic support

Study skills

  • The University Institute for Academic Development (IAD) provides learning resources and study guides, as well as workshops throughout the year for students at all stages of academia. 

 Insitute of Academic Development (IAD) website

  • Many Schools run Peer Assisted Learning Schemes (PALS), where groups of first year students can get together with students from other years. These schemes are useful to many students both as an academic support and a way to meet people in your classes. The Edinburgh University Student's Association website has a search tool to find PALS and other peer learning projects in your school.

Find a Project page on the University Student's Association website

  • MyEd, the University's student portal, features the LearnBetter Study Skills Resource. Here you will find information, tips and strategies on a variety of topics such as time management, making notes in lectures, doing assignments, referencing and many more. The University Institute of Academic Development website has more information on this. 


Help with English language skills

  • The University provides many English language courses specifically tailored to improving academic English. These are all non-credit-bearing, and many courses have both online and face-to-face versions. The University English Language Education website has comprehensive information on these courses. 

Our Courses page on the University English Language Education website

  • The University Institute for Academic Development provides some online self-study English language resources.

Learning resources: Developing your English

  • The Peer Proofreading scheme is an essay-proofreading scheme run by the Edinburgh University Students' Association for students whose first language is not English. You can submit up to two assignments, of no more than 3,000 words, per semester.

Peer Proofreading page on the University Student's Association website

  • The  Edinburgh University Student's Association also runs a Tandem language exchange scheme, where students can team up to learn or practice languages from each other.

Tandem Language Exchange Scheme page on the University Students' Association website


Technology skills

The University Information Services offers a lot of help with computing, e-learning and also on using the libraries and are available to contact 24 hours a day with a technical issue. 

Information Services helpline website  



Support for financial difficulties

If you experience unexpected financial difficulty during your time at the University, there are a number of resources at the University there to help and advise. 

  • The University Scholarships and Student Funding website has useful information on short-term financial assistance available to students in exceptional circumstances. 
  • The Advice Place similarly has information on short-term financial assistance from the University as well as advice and resources for dealing with debt.


Health and Welfare

Medical care

  • The University Health Service is an NHS GP practice based in Bristo Square. Students are welcome to register at a GP practice of their choice, but the University Health Service can be convenient as it runs a drop-in clinic on weekday mornings. There is also a pharmacy located just underneath the practice. 

University Health Service website

  • The University Students website also provides comprehensive information on accessing medical care in Edinburgh, including dental, optical and sexual health care. 

Health Services page of the University Students website

  • The University Student Counselling Service provides self-help resources, drop-in presentation workshops, short term counselling and consultations. 

The University Student Counselling Service website


Welfare support

The University has gathered helpful information and resources online to help with coping with change, building resistance and dealing with culture shock. 

Adapting Well website

  • The University Student Disability Service is available to give advice on attending the University with a disability,  and to organise academic support for students with disabilities.

The University Student Disability Service website

  • The University Chaplaincy offers mindfulness sessions, yoga classes, and a multi-faith sanctuary.

The University Chaplaincy website