New Students

Guidance for your academic expectations

This section will guide you through the several facilities and services available to assist you with your academic progress and development.

As new students , you are welcome to access the several academic services and facilities available in order to guide you through your own academic expectations. The information listed below will range from study skills resources, accessing the library for crucial resources, academic appeals and so on. 


Study skills resources

Students are encouraged to access the Institute for Academic Development (IAD) page, where a range of facilities are provided, such as study skill workshops, an Exam Bootcamp, study support as well as advice on research masters and much more. 

Study skills resources (University Institute for Academic Development website) 


Many Schools run Peer Assisted Learning Schemes (PALS), where undergraduate students can consult academic support as well as meet fellow students in the same academic degree. 

Peer Assisted Learning Schemes (Edinburgh University Students' Association website) 


You are expected to reference and clearly indicate the source of ideas, information, data and arguments that you have used for your own academic work and assignments, in order to avoid acts of plagiarism

In order to do this, you must clearly indicate the source of each information by referencing it (by listing the sources) in your own work. 

Guidance and tips on how to avoid plagiarism by referencing and citing (University Institute of Academic Development website)


Improve your English language skills

The University provides many English language courses specifically tailored to improving academic English. These are all non-credit-bearing, and many courses have both online and face-to-face versions. The English Language Education website has comprehensive information on these courses. 

Information on English language courses (University English Language Education website)


The Peer Proofreading scheme is an essay-proofreading scheme run by the Edinburgh University Students' Association for students whose first language is not English. You can submit up to two assignments, of no more than 3,000 words, per semester. 

Peer Proofreading (University Student's Association website)


The  Edinburgh University Student's Association also runs a Tandem language exchange scheme, where students can team up to learn or practice languages from each other. 

Tandem Language Exchange Scheme (University Students' Association website)


Access guidance from Information Services

Information Services (IS) is a fully-integrated support service, offering physical and digital services across the library, IT, learning technology, student spaces and teaching room technologies, to support you. 

The University's Information Services website


Managing your exam preparations

The Institute of Academic Development also provides an Exam Bootcamp service that can help you with preparing your revision materials and developing effective exam strategies. 

Exam Bootcamp (Institute of Academic Development website)


We will provide guidance to help you work through your exam period efficiently and effectively. You may find the information useful as some of it is externally sourced, which will give you varying ways to tackle your exam preparation. 

The Top 5 Ways to get through exam season (University's Students' website)


Navigating around the University's Main library 

All students will be able to access the University's Main Library. It is located at George Square and houses a wide range of facilities, from interactive study spaces, crucial resources for your degree programme, photocopying services and much more! 

You are encouraged to find out more about the University's Main library before you arrive. 

Using the library (University's Information Services website)


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