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Tackling Harassment

Learn about support for gender-based violence and harassment, including reporting procedures.

Gender Based Violence

This can be defined as any act of a sexual nature which occurs without someone’s freely given consent. This includes unwanted sexual comments – in person and online, groping, stalking, sexual assault and rape.

It can happen to anyone; it is never the fault of the person experiencing it.

If you have experienced sexual harassment or violence you have the right to report it and access support. The links below provide information on reporting and support services.

Gender Based Violence

Report and Support

This is the University platform for reporting distressing situations related to sexual violence, harassment, domestic abuse, stalking, and more.

Reports can be submitted anonymously or with your name for additional support. You have the option to select your preferred contact method and the gender of the staff member who will reach out to you, should you wish.

Please be aware that reporting in this way does not mean a student complaint is automatically instigated, but if you choose to report with your name, we can discuss this option further with you.

Please note that this site is not designed for emergency responses and is not staffed on weekends.

Report and Support

The Advice Place

If you are unsure what next steps to take, please contact the Advice Place.

Contact details

· Work: +44 (0)131 374 4581

· Email:

· Web: Edinburgh University Students' Association

Additional Resources

The Consent Collective

Consent Matters and Tackling Harassment Courses. Take the free online ‘Consent Matters’ and ‘Tackling Harassment’ courses to learn about the importance of sexual consent, recognizing harassment and how you can look out for others.

E-learning Course: Rape Crisis Scotland GBV. This module was created by Rape Crisis Scotland to give a brief introduction to GBV issues for students.