New Students

Arrive and move into University accommodation

Find out how to prepare for moving into University accommodation and how to arrange accessible accommodation. You can also learn more about our Residence Life team who will be there to support you during your stay.

Move into your University accommodation

As you prepare to move into University accommodation, find out when you should move in, how to move in and what to expect, including information on the Residence Life team.

Accessible accommodation

Students at reception
We give all possible support to help disabled students secure the accommodation which best suits their needs.

Residence Life Team

3 Resident Assistants welcome new students
Through our residential staff we aim to promote community and wellbeing in your accommodation so that your time at the University of Edinburgh can be some of the best years of your life.

Pay your accommodation fees

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How to pay your University accommodation fees and what to do if you are unable to move into your accommodation in September.